355 Modified Diphenyl Ether High Temperature Tube

Materials: FiberGlass
Nature Color: red
Wall thickness: At least 0.5mm
Custom Size: Inner diameter φ8mm~φ500mm
Outer diameter φ10mm~φ2000mm
The longest tube length is 2m
Packaging: Regular packing
Productivity: 100 tons per year
Transportation: Ocean, Land, Air

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Product Introduction

Production Description

  Diphenyl ether high temperature tube, widely used as a heat transfer agent and dye carrier, offers several advantages that make it an ideal choice for demanding applications. With superior resistance to high temperatures and chemical compatibility, diphenyl ether tubes provide efficient performance and reliable productivity. The low toxicity levels of the fluid make it safer for handling and environmental use.



  The versatile nature of this tubing allows for use in various industries, including the production of polyesters, surface active agents, and high-temperature lubricants.

  Diphenyl ether high temperature tubes are produced using advanced production processes to achieve the highest quality standards, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. Whether you need a processing aid for the production of fire retardants like polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) or a heat transfer fluid for a demanding industrial application, diphenyl ether high temperature tube is an excellent choice.



  It is made of alkali free glass fiber cloth(treated) used by electricians as the substrate,diphenyl ether resin as the adhesive, and heatedrolled, baked, and cured.


Technical Data


Indicator name


RequirementTest Result







Water absorption





Thermal stability(120℃/24h)



No Crack and Bulge


Bending strength



8.0MV/m PASS


Vertical layer withstand voltage

(withstand pressure in oil at 90℃ for 5 mines)





Special Note

  The company strictly controls product quality in accordance with relevant product standards. Due to the diversity and variability of application conditions and many other factors, it does not rule out the need for users to conduct experiments on their own. Legally, certain properties of the product are not guaranteed to be fully applicable to a specific purpose, and the right to modify the information is reserved.


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355 Modified Diphenyl Ether High Temperature Tube

355 Modified Diphenyl Ether High Temperature Tube


355 Modified Diphenyl Ether High Temperature Tube